Pacific Rim, Series 2 (NECA)

I'm tired of searching for crap and wasting my gasoline, energy, and time.  (Of the three, my time is most costly!) Not to mention that the dreaded time of year is approaching, where you can't even get INTO retail stores very easily.  Because of all these reasons, I just got my second action figure order in the mail from Entertainment Earth.  In both cases, the figures were not marked up, and I got free shipping...you just can't beat that. Now, onto Series Two:
It sounded like a rehash of Gipsy Danger was unecessary, but this Battle-Damaged Version is actually better than the first figure! I much prefer the darker paint decos.  The sword blades could've been designed a bit better, though...they are supposed to plug into tabs above the figure's hand, but they don't stay in very well.
I didn't notice this before, but after the word JAEGER are symbols representing the number of kaiju kills!
Striker Eureka is my favorite of Series Two.  What a cool design.  The scissor-blades above his wrist open and close, and he is just awesome.
Detail, detail, detail!
Again, note the number of kills!
Leatherback is the kaiju for this round--and you thought Knifehead was heavy! He has sort of the same articulation issues as Knifehead, which I have read complaints about...but I think that if both of them could move in ridiculous ways, it would compromise the design of the figure, so I am completely satisfied with him.
Series Three sounds promising--a Cherno Alpha (the Russian Jaeger) is promised, which should be cool!

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