The first Kenner Star Wars catalog (1978)

It's hard to imagine it today, but nobody was ready for Star Wars when it hit.  In fact, after months of scrambling, the only items that Kenner could produce were the paper-based products, namely a series of jigsaw puzzles.  I have three or four of them, and recently I picked one up that included the very first Kenner catalog, and that's what we are going to look at today.
What's funny is, I owned 90% of the items shown here, and MOST of them I still have.  After all these years, what is probably the most valuable item here? I would have to say the "SSP Vans." I knew NO ONE that bought these, and I sure didn't have them, but I've seen them go for crazy-stupid prices in recent years.  Then again, the "X-Wing Aces" target game is a big one too...anyway, enjoy this flashback!

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