Amazing Guillermo Del Toro Quote

One of the books I'm currently reading and enjoying is MAN, MACHINES & MONSTERS, the making of PACIFIC RIM.  I had barely started when I encountered the following:

"When I was about eight years old," he [del Toro] told fans at Comic-Con, "I took a bus to the other side of town to see THE WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS.  When I arrived there, it was one of those things we call in Mexico a 'brick cinema,' because they give you a brick to smash the rats that run through the theater.  I sat down; I started watching the movie.  Somebody threw a glass of pee on my head from the balcony--and this is how much I loved Kaiju:  I stayed and finished the movie."    --Guillermo del Toro

Wow.  As amazing as that quote is on several levels, I have to admit I've seen a mouse in an American theater probably once in my life, and that was just a mouse.  I don't want to take away from the meaning of the quote, but it reminds me to be thankful.  And now, I can watch the greats from the past in my own home.

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