New Godzilla "comic" Discovered from 1994

Don't know how I missed this, but there really isn't a complete checklist out there, which I why I've tried to make one.  You may have seen another Antarctic Press issue on my Godzilla: American Comics Chronology page (the one with GODZILLA VS. KING GHIDORAH artwork on the front).  It turns out, Antarctic launched another title later, called SENTAI, that ran for only a handful of issues.  Luckily, the first issue had a great Godzilla cover, and lots of coverage for the two newest films at the time, MOTHRA and MECHAGODZILLA.  This comic-sized magazine had some decent (for the time) articles, and lots of behind-the-scenes photos, although they are quite small, and black-and-white.  There's also an informative article on the newest Ultraman (which was the American-made snooze-fest THE ULTIMATE HERO), so at the time the magazine would have been one of the only sources for information, even though it died after the second issue.
Antarctic tried to include some actual comics in this magazine, but what was included was a bit confusing.  It's some sort of post-apocalyptic biker gang thing that had more language than WOLF OF WALL STREET, so I just tuned out pretty quickly, as suddenly all of the Japanese content had vanished!
At any rate, the Godzilla American Comics Chronology page is updated now.

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