Engrish With Ultraman Ace (part three)

I have about a dozen more episodes of Ace, and Taro is beckoning, so let's get caught up on our moments of Engrish:
 I am pretty tired of learning words from what is supposed to be entertaining Engrish, but once again, they even used it correctly! "Abnegate" means, "to refuse or deny; to relinquish; to give up."  Fortunately, this ends our vocabulary lesson, and we can get back to the matter at hand...

I would be lying if I said that the above statement isn't pretty much the entire plot (and monster) of a very infamous Ace episode.  It must be seen to be believed; that's all I can say.
And finally, the payoff:  what is probably my favorite example of any screenshot since I have been watching these episodes:

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