Lego Purchase of the Droids!

Now that the new Sandcrawler is out, or even if you have the old one, it's a good time to recreate this classic image, which was always one of my favorite moments in the original film.

Like the bounty hunters, Lego has kept us two short in being able to have a complete line-up when it comes to the Jawa's droid sale.  Luckily, this can be easily remedied.
The two you have to make are the ones at each end of the droid display.  On the far right is a LIN-series mining droid.  I am a "credit where credit is due" type of guy, so I should disclose that I searched around to see if anyone had made this droid, and found Baron Sat's amazing Lego site, where he had done this exact thing.  I only made a minor change to his design, in that his is based off of the Hasbro figure, which has a huge claw that the droid in the film doesn't have.
On the far left is (what somebody has decided is) a "KPR Servant Droid."  He is pretty basic, and not too difficult to make out of bricks at all.
I have a secret hope that somebody will start a series of You Tube videos, making versions of the original trilogy using only Lego sets...you should just about be able to do the whole thing, with 15 years of sets.

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