Beany & Cecil Record Player (Vanity Fair, 1961 or 62)

Here's a lovely item, and it brings back memories of portable record players--the kind that were in bedrooms, schoolrooms, and Sunday Schools.  Of course, record players never really fit into the definition of "portable," and if you had to also carry a stack of records, you had some heavy lifting to do, but it was still a wonderful time.
I had to do quite a bit of restoration to this one, as all of the images were printed on heavy stock, very much like wallpaper, and every edge was peeling, due to the ravages of time, and probably, storage.
Just look at that chunky stylus! It looks like metal, but it's actually plastic.  You can't really tell from the photo, but the two speeds are 78 and 45 rpm!


Christopher Sobieniak said...

Shame they wouldn't let you play 33 1/3 RPM's on this.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

That was a surprise...I understand that 78s were still around, but leaving out 33's really excluded a lot of cool contemporary kids' LPs!!

Christopher Sobieniak said...

It did, and Peter Pan was leading the way there!