Beany & Cecil Ring Toss Game (Pressman, 1961)

Mattel didn't make all of the Beany & Cecil items from the animated TV cartoon.  Pressman made their fair share as well, and here is a good example.  This is the Beany & Cecil version of the classic "ring toss" game.
The graphics on the metal base are really great, and I like how each of the five posts correspond to a particular character...but they even took it a step farther, as each character is interacting with their post in some way (Cecil's is in his mouth!).
For a long time, I had the metal board hanging on my wall, as it makes such a cool display.  It strikes me that I haven't seen a complete one of these games since I bought this one several years ago, but I'm sure the more they were played with, the less they survived!
Box art (photo taken years ago from Ebay)

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