Jumping DJ Surprise Action Game (Mattel, 1962)

This is a neat item, but it strikes me that for Mattel's Beany & Cecil output, especially what we have looked at so far, it's pretty uncomplicated.  Still, it's nice to see the villain of the piece get a game that features him. 
Speaking of Dishonest John, while this looks like a puppet, and would make perfect sense if it were, it's actually a head on top of a metal frame, covered in a black vinyl bag of sorts.  Basically, you push down on his head, and he later pops up at random intervals, which I suppose figures into the game play (this is the "Surprise Action").  The metal scorekeeper device is actually built into the box, allowing up to six people to play the game simultaneously (and it tops out at 250 points).
Here is the instruction sheet for the game, which sort of works like Old Maid.  You make groups of cards, being careful not to get the DJ card, which actually TAKES AWAY 30 points.
And speaking of the cards, they are the real stars here.  Four of each character are included, with the artwork directly in the style of the TV cartoon.
 The lower left card shows the design that is on the backs of all cards.  At lower right, the nefarious villain card that you don't want to get!

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