the spiderman files - disc 1 (Leaping Fox)

Today, we are continuing my ongoing project, which replaces compilation discs I made in the past years with newer, more comprehensive, and historically-organized ones.  The next subject to tackle is songs about Spider-Man (which will be 2 discs).  As we did with the first series (Bat-Man), let's first discuss what is not included herein:

Unlike the subject of Bat-Man, there are not nearly so many complete LP's devoted to Spider-Man.  Most of the ones that exist are "spoken-word," but in the 1970's, Marvel experimented twice with LP's that were a combination of songs and spoken-word.  I used a few tracks from these two LP's, because 1) they suit our purposes here extremely well, and 2) songs about Spider-Man aren't nearly as common as ones about Superman or Bat-Man.

Otherwise, the exclusions are identical to the previous Bat-Man set, meaning spoken word, audio adventures, radio, book-and-record, and things of that sort were left out.

Disc 1 explores the various themes of different Spidey television shows, and concludes with a look at the music of Spidey video games, from their humble beginnings in 1982 to the year 2000...which is very nice, because we end the way we began, with the extremely famous "Spider-Man" 1967 theme.

As always, enjoy!

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