the superman files - disc 1 (Leaping Fox)

Anyone following along could have bet money that this would happen next, and it did.  Although, it wasn't a project to be taken lightly.  In fact, the last several months, off and on, have been spent plumbing the depths of the 8,600+ discogs listings for songs with "Superman" in the title.  Yes, there is a lot of repetition, but I have come to the overwhelming conclusion, especially in the modern day:  if you name your song "Superman," you are guilty of a cheap and easy writers' cliche.
But, we are a long way from that...right now, we are at disc one, which is an entire disc of Super-History, including themes from vintage films, shows, and much more.  But, just like our previous Bat and Spider collections, here is what's NOT included:
Basically, the short answer is "spoken word." Except for an excerpt (try typing that ten times quickly) from the historic first episode of the "Adventures of Superman" radio series, there's no other radio play, book-and-record, audio adventure, or comedy sketch of any kind.  As with the Bat set, there are no songs from the LP's which are completely super-themed, because if you cared to have them, you'd need the whole thing anyway.

We went ahead and included material from the 12 years of "Superfriends" animated shows, even though they obviously have connections to other heroes too....but then again, as it's not called the "Batfriends," it was probably a good choice.  There is also a smattering of Superfriends rarities, too, which is rather exciting, even for me, and I already had them! So...enjoy.

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