the spiderman files - disc 2 (Leaping Fox)

Disc two of this set contains the third category of Spider-Man-related music:  songs about Spider-Man....or not! I say "or not" because, unlike Bat-Man, there is a handful of songs titled "Spider-Man" (with or without hyphen) that have absolutely, positively, nothing to do with the super-hero.  You will see what I mean.  In fact, there is a song from Europe (and its cover versions) with such a title, that is about a serial killer!

The inside cover provides a list of spoken-word sources that were excluded from this compilation.  The two hybrid albums that Marvel experimented with in the 1970's were used to supply us with a few tracks (I mean, Great Scott, there's a song about Dr. Octopus! A song about Dr. Octopus!).

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