the superman files - disc 3 (Leaping Fox)

This third disc is the second part of Section II, "super-vintage;" write that down--it's confusing.
Inside, there was room to give you the list of spoken things that were excluded from this series of discs.

Highlights include: #8, #10, #19 (it was good then, it's good now).  Lowlights include #14...I know this was a big song back in the day.  I admit I've never sat through the whole thing until now, and it's just painful.  #16 includes some of the shrillest vocals of that decade.  #17 is only here to represent the number of reggae songs with "Superman" in the title, and, like you'd expect, they are pretty much all identical.

Next time, we will wrap up super-vintage with a journey through the 1980's.  Enjoy!

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