the superman files - disc 4 (Leaping Fox)

Let us wrap up a long work week with disc 4 of this collection.  In this disc, we wrap up Section II, called "super-vintage," which are Superman songs from the very beginning, all the way through the end of the 1980's.

This disc is an interesting cross-section of pain and pleasure.  Of course, your results will vary, but there are some interesting songs by some interesting people with some interesting backstories (if you feel like going down a few Wikipedia rabbit-holes).
Enjoy! Next time, we start Section III......................."super-disco" (you read that right).


Anonymous said...

Crash Test Dummies - Superman's Song (1991)

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

It's coming--the cutoff for "vintage" was 1990, stay tuned for Section IV.