the superman files - disc 5 (Leaping Fox)

You know the other day, when you were planning that Superman-themed disco dance party, and you didn't have anything to play for..........................no?

Ok.  You know last year, when you were getting details together for your DC Comics Halloween Costume party, and you needed the right music for..................still no?

Ok, then.  I admit that the next two discs are the albums that nobody has ever asked for.  That said, by the time that Hollywood actually got their Superman movie released, the world was in the grip of the Disco Era, which had about reached its crescendo.  Therefore, the music around that era mostly sounded like this.  Therefore, there is quite a bit of it, and, therefore, we come to Section III of our project:  "super-disco."
With this disc (and the following one), you will have nearly everything you need to recreate Studio 54 in your own homes.  And remember, if you do, please don't take any photographs.

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