Godzilla 1985 Press Kit - Part 2, Production Notes (New World Pictures)

Continuing our look at the Press Kit for GODZILLA 1985, here are the Production Notes (click to expand):

As you would predict, the "Cybot" Godzilla is pushed pretty hard in these notes, and Toho apparently tried to make it seem as if the Cybot Godzilla was used for the entire film.  In reality, I'm not sure that it has very much screen time at all.  But, as the fortune was already spent, they decided to try to make some of it back:  in marketing!
Note the claim that 13 hours of film were spent "shot for the special effects alone."
There are several interesting word choices here, which hint that these notes did not begin in English.  "Unalloyed malevolence" is a great one, as is "mooncalf emotion!"
Somebody forgot that Godzilla finally did come to the USA in DESTROY ALL MONSTERS!
Two issues here:  1) I can only assume that by "comic books" worth thousands of dollars, they mean original Japanese manga from 1954 or something, and 2) I have searched for a song called "Waltzing Godzilla" (which I figure is a parody of "Waltzing Mathilda"), but I can find no such song anywhere. So we are down to only one song about Godzilla (just kidding).

Next time, we look at the stills included with this press kit!

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