Two Foreign Words for Hasbro: QUALITY. CONTROL.

I am to the point where I can't quite count the number of times that I've fallen victim to Hasbro's lack of quality...click on the FAIL tag and you will see some other examples on this blog, from recent years.

The example I have for you today is especially terrible.  I have seen characters with two left hands, or two right hands...mind you, these are all characters who HAVE TWO HANDS.  Take a look at this:

This new Marvel Legends 2-pack is a TRU exclusive, which means that Hasbro's limited distribution becomes even more so, and you are lucky to even find one.  To make this situation worse, I didn't even care about the fan-service, modern, Black Panther girl (she wasn't in any classic Kirby Panther, so I'm not interested)...I only wanted Klaw.

Now take a close look at the photo, what jumps out at you?

To you, I say, FAIL !!!
Your knowledge of anatomy serves you well:  yep, he has A RIGHT HAND ON HIS LEFT ARM.  Once again, this character doesn't even own a right hand, and yet, there it is. Screwed again. (By the way, I can verify that this item is factory-sealed.  No one's messed with it!)

What would you do? Take it back to the store, only to have them put it on the shelf again, and sell it to some other sucker?  I actually put it on Ebay, for what it is...maybe somebody collects Hasbro defects...which, as I think about it, shouldn't be too hard to do.

So, to sum up:  BOOO, HASBRO.  BOOOOOO!

NoteOn a side note, this brings up an interesting point about action-figure production.  When a body (called a "buck" I believe) is produced, does that always include two hands? Even if they aren't needed? That would seem to be wasteful, but I can't quite otherwise discern why the "wrong" hand would even exist in this case.

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