LEGO Fantastic Four & The Baxter Building!

Recently, I started working on a project to create a Lego version of the old "Marvel World" cardboard playset from the mid-1970's...and the first thing I wanted to do was give the Fantastic Four something to live in.  Astute observers will note that Lego hasn't produced any minifigures of the team, but Chinese ("bootlego") figures are available, that try to reproduce their likenesses from the first Marvel Lego Super Heroes video game!

I wanted a building that opens, and after looking at some classic depictions of the building, such as this:
...I started to plan the layout.  The left side of the opened building is divided into four rooms.  First, a gymnasium for the Thing:

Next, a lab for Reed Richards (pardon the glare):

Third, a kitchen and rest area:

Lastly, the first floor would be a lobby and reception area, complete with receptionist...

The right side of the opened building is a launch bay for their rocket (later, Pogo Plane).  The great thing about the rocket is that each segment allows for storage, specifically alternate versions of the characters you are displaying! If Sue is invisible at the moment (and a clear one is available, and currently on the way to my house), you can put the non-invisible one in a stage of the rocket, and the same for the Human Torch, which is handy.

Lastly, I built them a Fantasticar.  If you remember your comic history correctly, the car was able to split into four smaller pieces, and still fly around:

It was also important that the Fantasticar be able to park on the rooftop:

By the way, H.E.R.B.I.E. is simply a physical representation of the design used for the first Lego Marvel Super Heroes game...well, except his arms are supposed to be white, and that part is really rare in white, so I used dark gray.  No big deal.

My other projects are:  an apartment building for Peter Parker, a taller Avengers Tower (I added an extra bottom floor to give it height), and a building version of Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum, which I haven't gotten around to yet...but I am probably most proud of this Baxter Building!

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