Bat-Manga, Examined (part three)

Continuing our look at some translated adventures of Japanese Batman, we are now going to zoom out, farther away from plot or substance, and look at some strange, isolated moments that confused or interested me...I call these real "what the heck?" moments. Let's get one thing straight: as far as this blog is concerned, when we say "what the heck?" we mean it like this:
In the voice of Cecil the Seasick Sea Serpent.  Just so you know. It's crucial that you understand this. With that in mind...
Here's a guy that Japanese Batman and Japanese Robin find, and rescue, only to find out he was really the bad guy, and really not in danger...
Can this actually be done, without help? I GUESS it could...but could it be done in a way that was convincing enough to fool Japanese Batman? Apparently so, but whatever.
All I could think of as I stared at this panel was, "Some days, you just can't get rid of a wrecking ball!!" (Little BATMAN THE MOVIE joke there.)
Here's one of the many Japanese toys shown in the book, but it strikes me that this entire package is actually pretty scary.  I like the BUY ME, in English, but the art is so lacking in its depiction that it is actually frightening.  It screams "unauthorized" to me, but who knows?
The rest of these panels are better served to be viewed without commentary, so enjoy with your own mind's reaction:

In the first panel, note the disappearing "R" on Japanese Robin's costume, in true Hanna-Barbera style.  
In Part Four, we will continue in this direction, with some panels that have even more "what THE heck?!" than I thought possible.

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