Slim Goodbody - Healthy Is Wealthy (CBS, 1980)

I loved Captain Kangaroo, as a kid.  I remember Slim segments from the show, and I remember his robot.  I had a couple of different approaches to this post:  I could completely lambaste this album, but I started reading up, and I discovered that Slim is STILL going, and he's had a 30+ year mission of educating kids on health and nutrition...so go, Slim!
Now, that said, are there still moments worthy of sampling? Oh heck, yess.

P.S.--I am a bit confused by the "Kraft" sponsorship of this LP.  It is missing the obligatory UPC barcode that would have been present by 1980, so I have concluded that this was a mail-away promotion, or perhaps point-of-sale promotion from grocery stores or something.  If anyone has any further information, please comment!


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I'm not sure what to think of it looking back. I suppose I'm glad he's still at it today, but it's hard to look back and laugh at the campy nature of it all.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I wish I knew about the Barcode deal myself, could be a mail-order since I see it was released through "Columbia Special Products" or whatever abbreviation is there.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to torture my kids with this...just another thing stuck in dad's head since childhood that will be even more archaic when they try to tell their kids about it.

This was a Kraft promotion; my mother saved the UPCs/Proof of Purchase pieces from some number of Kraft products and we got this record in the mail. It always had its place alongside our Sesame Street and Electric Company records.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

That is wonderful! Both for the information you provided about the mail-away, AND also to the fact that I am participating in your sonic kid-torture! It's your duty, you know!