Original Stills: Destroy All Monsters and Atragon!

What's even sweeter about this is, this is an angle of the "group shot" that isn't one you commonly see...and I like how Gorosaurus' mouth is WIIIDE open!
A sweet packet of awesomeness that just came in the mail this weekend.  This first DAM still was worth the $20 alone that I paid for all seven! The other two DAM stills showcase the SY-3 and the Moonbase, but while the one ATRAGON still showing the titular vehicle is cool, the other three leave something to be desired...I mean, not one still with Manda in it?? Oh well! You win some, you lose some, I guess!

"No one will be seated during The Canoe-Paddling Sequence....please do not divulge any of the secrets of The Canoe-Paddling Sequence to any of your friends."
Okay, this one is actually pretty cool!
But really, unless this was a film called THE FISTFIGHT, I don't see how the studio thinks a still like this is good marketing for a science fiction/fantasy film full of cool effects!

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