Revoltech Angilas Figure (Kaiyodo)

I am a little late to the party with this one, but it was worth the wait.  All of the Revoltech kaiju I have seen and purchased are amazing, but this one is a thing of true beauty.  It's a good thing I am not Head Curator at the Louvre, because it would be full of things like this, and nothing else.
Angilas is my favorite. He has always been my favorite. He is the scrappy, loyal sidekick to Godzilla.  He is the King's right-hand-man, and true to his nature, their first meeting was a bout to determine who was the Alpha Dog. (Of course, I should point out that the Toho-preferred name is now "Anguirus," but I have just never caught on to that name.)
After all, THIS is "Anguirus." FAIL.
As incredible as the sculpt is, it is breath-taking in person.  Every detail of fold and scale is meticulously captured.  The articulation is amazing, as always.  The only drawback is his lack of scenery or accessories, but they do include the SY-3, which is fitting, as the likeness of the figure is from DESTROY ALL MONSTERS.
[Make rocket-launching sounds here.]

My advice is, if you have ever even contemplated buying this figure, do it, and do it now.  When he were first released, Angilas was in the $30-40 range, which is now t$100 on Ebay (which is absurd), but you can get him on Amazon for around $60, and oddly enough, it is an item they ship, which qualifies for free shipping if you are in their "Prime" thingy. I don't say this lightly, but this figure is worth $60.  And a kidney.  (Not really; let's not exaggerate.)
My next acquisition is Gigan--you will be mine.

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