"Godzilla" Gameboy Vidpro Store Card (1990) and a bit more...

I love oddities like this...Here's an interesting item--this is a "Vidpro" card for the GameBoy "Godzilla" game, dated 1990.  These cards were used in retail stores, and you can still see similar systems in some stores today.  Either the card showed where the games were kept alphabetically, for restocking purposes (for employees who didn't have full command of the alphabet), or the cards were placeholders, as an anti-theft device, in stores where the games were stored out of the public's reach. The card measures 6 & 3/4" x 4 & 3/4," and reproduces the box art from the game.
And about this game--has anybody ever been able to play it very successfully? The whole thing is such a cluster, I can't get past the first couple of levels, much less ever rescuing Minya (or Minilla, who is AT STAKE they tell us). But, I gotta give Nintendo credit for the guts to even bring the game over to the US in 1990, which was pretty much the Dark Ages for Godzilla.  They even try to bring the buyer up to speed: "Do you remember that Godzilla had a little son? Minilla is his name." Well, thank you, but no American in 1990 is going to remember that, and even if they did, they would think, "What happened to MINYA?" and get extremely confused.  I wish we had gotten more ports of Japanese Godzilla games, actually, but I guess I should be glad we got this one at all.

Since today's post is short, here are a couple of bonus meme-items I made recently.  First off, a visit to my local gas station yielded an ironic sight:
Candy FAIL!

It's funny to think that I can do just about all of those wildly-impossible 1980's technological things on my cellular phone.

Finally, a little Hanna-Barbera Godzilla joke:
Yes, it's awful, and crudely done, but did anybody else ever make this connection? It's the sort of thing that's bothered me for years!

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