Revoltech Gigan figure (Kaiyodo)

The other day, as I was reviewing the Angilas figure I had recently acquired, I mentioned that this was the last Revoltech kaiju on my want list...little did I know he would show up so quickly! This figure, often started around $100 on Ebay (which is absurd), was conservatively, and domestically, listed at $19, which I pounced upon.  Vigilance really does pay off.
Like the other Revoltech kaiju, Gigan is beautiful.  The sculpt is spot-on, he's super-articulated, and the colors are outstanding, whereas my Bandai vinyl (that's "Godzilla Island" series, as I recall) is aqua blue instead of green.  I never was happy with that.  There's a decent Gigan vinyl currently on the shelves (usually TRU) in the current Bandai line, if you can find a non-glittered one.
If it was ever relevant to say that Gigan was superior to Angilas in any way, it would be in the wonderful accessories that are included; namely oil tanks and refinery towers.  The piece to the right is the "non-smashed" version of the tower, which you can switch out for the "smashed" one to show Gigan's fury!! Genius!
You know, a complaint I recently read about the Revoltech figures was that it was too bad they weren't "to scale" with vinyls such as Bandai produces.  To this I say BLEAH!  It really doesn't matter, because it's apples and oranges; both types of figures have their place and the collectors that prefer them.  And after all, it gives collector more variety.  I can better understand the complaint that they are shorter than the "SH Monsterarts" figures, since they are more along these lines in realism and articulation, but hopefully the "SH" line will start to include more classic-era characters as it progresses (1964 Godzilla is already forthcoming, for example).

Revoltech scores hugely, yet again, with this figure.  The only other items they had a chance to make in the Toho kaiju realm were the first Mogera from THE MYSTERIANS, and a very nice Maser cannon, but I think I will pass on both of those, and try to save space for what the future holds.  In summary, set yourself a "saved search" on Ebay and watch the prices on this one.  It is very much worth it!

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