GODZILLA vs. MEGALON - Original U.S. Painting! (FANGORIA #1, 1979)

I realized that my vintage Godzilla collection would not be complete without the first issue of FANGORIA, which launched in 1979 with a cover story on "25 Years of Godzilla"! A nice surprise in the well-written article (by Godzilla scholar Ed Godziszewski) was a full-page photo of the artwork for the MEGALON poster, without the logos and lettering! I have always loved this amazing painting. You can zoom in and see tiny people on the roofs of the Twin Towers! (I still need to do a feature on close-up details in American Godzilla posters, come to think of it).  The issue also includes a pull-out poster that is based on the artwork for the Italian re-edit of "King of the Monsters."  It was also interesting to read the articles, and be transported back to 1979 (one article was on aliens that were left, or cut, out of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, which was very interesting!).  Worth picking up, and not even pricey.  My copy was $15...probably the only issue of FANGORIA I will ever own.

By the way, here's the poster for good measure---I didn't want to remove mine from the magazine either!

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