GODZILLA vs MEGALON & BIONIC MONSTER - Distributor Synopsis Sheets (1976-77)

A couple of very unusual items today! I recently bought a pile of stills and pressbooks from an Ebay seller for both MEGALON and BIONIC/COSMIC MONSTER, and he included two sheets that had accompanied the materials.  On the one hand, they are just old-fashioned photocopies (the thermal kind you used to see years ago), but on the other hand, they are really unique! My understanding is that they are synopsis sheets that would have been included with promo materials sent out by the distributor.
The synopsis for MEGALON is actually clearer than the plot of the film...and Jet Jaguar is only referred to as "the cyborg," but at least they weren't calling him "Robotman" at this point, as they did in the promotional comic (and also some ads).
Next we have the sheet for GODZILLA vs THE BIONIC MONSTER, which at this point had already been renamed to COSMIC, because somebody scratched it out and wrote the new name in (a penny saved, you know).  The older spelling of "King Seeser" is used, and once again the plot reads a little clearer than it plays out on screen.  I always thought that Caesar got a bad rap, and not enough screen time--since he got his tail handed to him pretty quickly--but when we actually DID get to see him again, in FINAL WARS, they did him no favors (or anybody for that matter, especially the audience).
By the way, I did my best to adjust the contrast on these scans and make them more readable! They actually look a little better than my ancient photocopies.
Next up, we will get to those stills I mentioned--stay tuned.

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