Pewter Godzilla Figurine (Fossil, 1995)

Here's an item I have been searching forever for, going on at least 15 years.  In 1995, Fossil made a series of commemorative watches that came in fancy tins, and also included pewter figurines.  I happened to find a leftover King Kong figurine in a Fossil Outlet store in the late 1990's. I thought it was strange that there were Kongs remaining, as each one is numbered on the bottom, but some Internets research told me that the Kong watch had a limit of 15,000, whereas Godzilla (and also Dracula, apparently) watches were limited to 1,000. So I guess they over-estimated the demand for Kong.  Either way, when I discovered there was also a Godzilla watch set made that year, and the quest was on.
I was never that interested in the Fossil watch itself; I just didn't like the design, but I knew if I waited, I could find the pewter Godzilla by himself, especially since the watches are often $300 on Ebay, and I'm more of a vintage guy anyhow.
The tin featured artwork from the 1956 KOTM poster, but the Godzilla here is all Heisei.  He's about 2 inches tall, and very hefty.  Here is the numbering on the bottom:
 So, despite my natural aversion to it, patience remains a virtue, good things come to those who wait, and all of that rot that you've been told by petulant adults your whole life!
And finally, here is Kong for good measure:

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