Rocky & His Friends single (Golden Records, 1961)

From 1961, promoting the LP called "Rocky & His Friends," here is a wonderful Golden Records single that I just acquired.  The album features the uber-talented original cast, and is a joy to listen to.  
Both sides are on YouTube, and links are below.  Notice that the copy in the links below is a 78, made of famous Golden Records yellow "unbreakable" material, while mine is definitely 45 rpm.  Even though Bullwinkle sings the B-side, both sides are credited to just "Rocky."
"I Was Born to be Airborne"
"I'm Rocky's Pal"

I would just embed the videos, but Blogger is being daft.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

I usually don't have problems embedding YouTube links in my blog posts.

Christopher Sobieniak said...

I can tell they cut the song down a bit to fit on that record.