It just won't end:  even more SUPER DICTIONARY.

During this journey, we haven't learned very much about the meaning of words, but we have learned quite a bit about the shortcomings of various heroes.  For instance, did you know that Hawkman is a misogynistic clownbag?
Wow, at least make some Ramen Noodles for Hawkgirl, or something...

Another thing we have learned is that Lex Luthor is just nasty...here he is, still trying to pour paint (?) on super-people. Why?
I would say that he's stupid for sneaking up on Supergirl that way, but as she's falling asleep, maybe he knows what he's doing? Then again, I just noticed that from Supergirl's comments, she isn't smart enough to come out of the rain.
Here we get the answer as to why the "Randoms" (I can't be bothered to remember their names) are tiny--they are trapped in a giant's house.  That sounds logical.  A giant journalist, from the looks of it.
Note how the SUPER DICTIONARY utterly fails to come close to a sensible definition of "print" here. Letters that don't run together?
We have taken another dark, dark turn in THE SUPER DICTIONARY, kids.  Batman, whose face is apparently melting, has discovered that Robin simply couldn't go on living as second fiddle to him any longer.  Or, perhaps we are back in Luthor's purple Pleasure Dungeon (see Part Seven for more than one example)?
Almost a good idea for a character, there...was Marvel reading this?
I'm going to just leave this here, and not say anything...but WOW.
Then quit talking, already!! I hate to tell Green Lantern, but if he can hear them, then they can also hear him.  Also, they are apparently demons, so you are screwed.
Catwoman is like my grandmother; she could be drowning, but still want to know how we stand in comparison to this year's Farmer's Almanac.  I always thought cats hated water...also, since when does rain look like that? That never happens!
Oh, well, there's that...
I've told you more than once how useless El Dragon is, but now you get to see it first hand.  Apparently, he's the guy the Super Friends send in first, so he can identify who the criminals are, and feel validated.  He should have considered taking the name "The Pointer," excuse me, "El Pointer."
Shock of shocks!  This debonaire charmer isn't taken? This has to be the biggest revelation in comics since Andy Panda was revealed as the original Hobgoblin!
Well, okay, there, Batman, way to set women's liberation back about 200 years.  I understand that Catwoman is a criminal, but I also know that you carry bat-cuffs in your belt...I distinctly remember that in the late 1970's, you didn't have to go dragging criminals around.  She's not Robin, you know.
I think that Robin's very existence makes the Penguin feel like he's in Street Fighter...look at how Robin has to hold onto a street sign to keep from being jerked around like a wet puppy, and all the Penguin wants is his question answered.  Honestly, SUPER DICTIONARY, you are not doing a very good job of teaching us manners!
I hate to say it, but

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