Tokusatsu Heroes (Zacca PAP, 2007)

This is a bit of an unusual post, because I haven't completed my own set of these amazing figures, but they are so well-made, and so darn cute, that they demand to be featured.
King Caesar, Gigan, King Ghidorah, and Hedorah.
This set of little guys (around 2" tall) combines a couple of very Japanese concepts:   Super-Deformed-ness and little boxed toys. Japan, of course, has had a long history of "candy toys," as well as elaborate vending-machine toys and prizes.  These little figures were blind-boxed (a tradition that has unfortunately caught on in the West over recent years), and there were 20 in the set, plus an additional "chase" figure, making 21 total.
Jet Jaguar, Angilas, 1964 Godzilla, and Baragon.
It's not difficult to find "SD" personifications of really any kaiju, but these sculpts have a personality that make them my favorite.  The heads are oversized, and the bodies delightfully chunky, and it doesn't hurt that all are expertly painted.
Gorosaurus, Varan, Mogera, Rodan, and the first Mechagodzilla.
And, unlike many other sets, it's pretty comprehensive; like a Showa roll call.  Really, only Ebirah and Gabara are missing, since I'm sure there are rights issues with King Kong, which is understandable.
Twin Larvae (1964!), and adult Mothra.
Varan rarely gets any love, and Titanosaurus is under-represented in toy form.  I suppose a 1968 Godzilla would have been nice, but they do include the "big three" suits of the Showa era.  I only have 15 of these, and hopefully perserverence will pay off, and I can finish my set.  Here is a chart I found somewhere, to which I have added the "chase" figure, which, by the way, was Manda wrapped around the Atragon!
And here is the little "catalog" flyer that was included with each figure, showing what was available (which I scanned at 600 dpi).  I know this company has also made series for Ultraman and Kamen Rider foes (hence the "tokusatsu" in the name, which usually refers to television), and they are just as charming.


Id0 said...

Did you ever purchase the Jet Jaguar t-shirt that came out a few years back? It's official and red and has a distressed image of his face.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I didn't, but I need to buy that one!