Pac-Man Glass (Arby's, 1982)

Every time I'm in my favorite thrift store, I cruise through the aisle of dishes and glassware...for only one reason.  That reason is this very glass.  After so many years of looking, I broke down and just bought one off of Ebay. 
The year was 1982, and Pac-Man Fever was gripping the nation.  It's hard to believe now, but back then, fast food restaurants would often have nifty premiums of very well-made drinking glasses.  My favorites are the three sets of Star Wars glasses that Burger King offered.  There were several others, but let's face it:  you aren't very likely to run across any of them in a thrift store that aren't well-used or damaged.
Don't be fooled by the date of 1980 in the fine print; that refers to the Pac-Man game itself; the glass was available in 1982.  Arby's did a great job of promoting it in a specially-made ad, which of course is on YouTube:
And the end result of this is:  now, I can skip a very boring aisle at the thrift store!

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