Are you having a bad week?
You are now, because it's time for THE SUPER DICTIONARY.

So, where were we?  Oh yes. Superman is a huge jerk:
"Wow, Superman. We get it, you are really strong...and, you are the only one in color, so you must be better than us. We were just leaving work when we noticed that you had made a tower out of our vehicles; like a monument to your own stupidity.  You know, we all work hard, and we all have car payments to make.  It's bad enough that we are blue all the time, but now you have gone and done major damage to our vehicles, which will only result in repair costs, not to mention our insurance premiums going up.  So, while you are standing there gloating, you wanna unstack our cars, or something?  Maybe squeeze a piece of coal into a diamond for each of us, just for our trouble? Hello? Superman? Are you even listening?!"
And, the long line of awkward SUPER DICTIONARY panels continues, with no signs of stopping.
She "tried" to slap the Penguin, but it looks more like a vicious karate chop (Awrrk).  I'm not saying he didn't deserve it.  He probably did.  Yet again, there's no context.  
Wow, I hadn't gotten over the Batman panel yet.  At least there is no illustration.  Does Aquaman have any "dry" friends? Does Aquaman have any friends?
Apparently, jumping on a land mine counts as "trouble."  Okay.
We could use this as further examples of how stupid Lois Lane is, but that is already so well-proven, it would be cliche at this point.  Instead, let's focus on how Superman knows exactly what is going on, and knows exactly that after the explosion, he will still be standing there, but wants to talk about clocks and just wait for the inevitable, so he can go look for a new girlfriend.  Wow!
You know, one of "those" kind.  And, just who is doing the talking, here? It looks like a mermaid that is stuck in this web with who we are told is Wonder Girl...are we underwater? I have lots of questions, and none of them are being answered, here.
Scientific Magnification
Lex, now appearing in "Luthor's Labour's Lost."
The only conclusion I can draw from this panel is that this is one of those panels that had to be modified so much, it would have made more sense to just draw a new one.  This is supposed to be Lex Luthor, I take it?  Is this his Shakespeare phase, or something?  I missed that one. 
From the ridiculous to...the more ridiculous.  Really? I mean, are we really seeing this?
So let me get this straight.  I really, really want to understand this, so here goes:  these guys are hiding from horses (hiding from horses? are they even evil horses?), and the horses are looking for straw, so they figure their best plan is to lay in water and breathe through--you are ahead of me here.  Best. Plan. Ever.


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