1954 Godzilla ("Gojira/Godzilla, King of the Monsters") NECA, 2015

Here we have the sixth figure in the NECA line, and quite simply, they have outdone themselves.  Rather than prattle on, let's get right to it!
Okay, NOW it's time for prattling.  Ladies and gentlemen, the 1954 Godzilla.  This figure is beautiful.  They NAILED the face, and they NAILED the stance.  Nothing was phoned in.
Articulation is similar to the five figures that preceded it, with some new touches.  (Oh, and the paint details that lend an air of black-and-white, even!)
Chunky newly-sculpted legs, and big swiveling feet, complete with gray toes!
Articulated fingers (together as a set) for grasping!  
The body, arms, and neck have similar articulation to its earlier cousins, and the tail has the usual built-in wire.  Here's a comparison to what has been (until now) my go-to 1954 Godzilla:
On the left, the Bandai Japanese vinyl from 1999.  There is an improved version of this in their American line (Bandai Creation), and you can probably still find it in stores.  It's a fine figure, with the Bandai Creation one being even better, but it has now been surpassed.
Since I need to say something critical to make this a review, rather than a paean of praise to NECA...which this pretty much is...I will say that NECA's tails always end in a point.  They never seem to capture any bluntness.  I believe this tail end is a new piece; it's much shorter than the usual ones (that you have to attach to a ball joint, out of the package), which allows for a shorter portion of wire-tail, and a longer portion of the jointed part (if that makes sense).  I would just like to see a rounded end, if I had to be picky!
Back of Package
Okay, so now, we are up to six figures (sounds like a good salary)...so what's next?  To my knowledge, nothing has even been announced!  Okay, NECA, it's time to make vintage suits, going forward from the 1954! And then we can start mixing in--dare I say it--friends and enemies??!?!
I certainly hope this line is planned to continue.  I know I have enjoyed it even more than I suspected I would, and NECA keeps raising the bar. Here are the package inserts:
Can a 1962 be far behind? Or even a 1968 (squeal)?
If you can't tell, this is a figure to order!
In fact, he is now ready for his scene as a guest star!


Joesiph said...

My mother, who lives down in LA, actually got me this figure for my Birthday, on the 20th. Even after five years of being a legal adult, she still sends me Godzilla figures, knowing my love for the Big G.

This figure is NECA's greatest in their Godzilla line. It's beautiful, it's spot on, it's accuracy is amazing, and it's heavy! I was surprised when I actually held my figure, it's heavier than my NECA 2014 Godzilla. Of course, both the first prototype suit and the original suit used for the film were over 200 pounds, so it makes sense that NECA make this one heavy too.

Another gem to add to this figure is the folds along the skin, as though it's an actual suit and good ol' Haruo Nakajima is inside. All Godzilla fans should try to get this figure. it's truly a collector's dream.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Thanks for the comments! You have a truly wonderful mom. In fact, my first Godzilla item was purchased for me by my great mom--it was a mid-to-late-80's GoodTimes VHS of KING KONG vs GODZILLA!