THE SUPER DICTIONARY (Part.....Thirteen)

Ok, we can do this! Steady on, stiff upper lip, and all that.  Brace yourselves: the fruits of your labors from going through an arduous work week are, in fact, Part Thirteen of our journey through THE SUPER DICTIONARY.  Sorry.

....but at least we are starting with a winner.  Just read that again, and then read it a few times more.  If there is anyone who can not laugh at this, then you aren't allowed here.  Also, if you know that the popular usage of the word in the late 1970's often referred to cocaine, then this becomes nothing short of a laugh riot.  Explains a lot about this book, but that's been my contention from the letter A.
Welcome to the top; from here on, it's straight down.
What's interesting to me here, is that Superman is pulling.  He is doing the exact opposite of stopping this supposed runaway locomotive.  You merely have to read our previous twelve installments to understand why, but if you don't have the time, it's because Superman is a world-class, grade-A, humongous, car-stacking jerk.
We have seen a handful of archaic entries thus far, but as this is the 1970's, and not the 1870's, this shouldn't even be here.  They are too lazy to illustrate it anyway, and their definition is absurd...what's next, an entry for pantaloonsBustles? Un-corseted Tea Gowns?
Why are green trucks, plural, flying through the air?  Even DC's chimpanzee detective would be suspicious of a "postal" Green Lantern, here.  The bad news is, they sent Supergirl to deal with it.
Twins will be quick to tell you that this definition is offensive.  In the case of identical twins, they may look alike, but are never "a person just like" the other.  That is precisely the two-dimensional, inexperienced prattle that we have come to expect from this book.  On the other hand, if you dress exactly alike, you get what you deserve.  
What was the beginning of this conversation like? 
BLONDE:  "Oh, hello, Lois. Say, is that Clark Kent's twin brother you've got there??"
LOIS:   "..........no."
BLONDE: "Oh, I thought...."
Congratulations! We are now at the point where I forget exactly why I included some of these...Laughing Fish, much?
But hey, we are in the letter U, so things must be looking up.  Unless you are the "person" who drew, excuse me, pasted, this little tableau together.  This is a mess of perspective that M.C. Escher (world-famous rapper) couldn't figure out.  Is Hawkgirl behind, or in front of, Wonder Woman?  It doesn't matter, because the Atom is apparently bigger than her, meaning he is adult-sized, meaning...Aquaman is gigantic.  And, standing on a slope.  Or possibly Flash's feet.  I didn't even yet mention Supergiant.  This picture makes my head hurt.  Don't do this, kids.  Don't ever do this.
Um.  But is it unusual for him to wear Wonder Woman's? Tell us more!
No, Batgirl, I think if you keep standing there and screaming, we will be just fine. And why are they magnetized to the side of a brick wall???
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are in Wackyland.
Yes, yes we do.  We expect him to clean the restrooms at the Hall of Justice, and pick up Batman's cleaning, too.  
My, they were amazingly kind to Aquaman there, weren't they?  I would not have been able to resist changing the word here to useless.  
Really, this picture makes no sense, because he would probably have to be quite flat...but the only thing that would make it funnier is if he was strapped to the arm of a giant Mickey Mouse.  "Little clock that is worn on an arm"...I never.  You insult our intelligence, SUPER DICTIONARY.

If W comes, can Z be far behind? Find out next time.

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