King Kong Trading Card #21 [and others!] (Donruss, 1965)

We have talked about vintage jokey monster trading cards before (here and here are two examples), and I have said before that they were dumb, but innocent.  In 1965, Donruss published a KING KONG series, which is now quite rare, and there were several cards from KING KONG vs GODZILLA, which was a cool move by Donruss.  However, they marred these with obtuse, immature "jokes" about deodorant and mouthwash...which, I would imagine, were lame by 1965.  Anyhow, a seller recently offered all of these, and I picked the least silly one for my own collection (above).
In the interest of fairness and educational opportunities, here are scans of the rest of them, including a wrapper from this rare series.  The backs of the cards were puzzle pieces, which in my case was just a green blob of shrubbery or something, so I didn't scan it.

"...because I am head-butting you."  That makes perfect sense...?

This is a well-used image in the monster trading-card world.

Congratulations! This makes no sense at all.

Note that this image is a paste-up, and includes the original, 1933 Kong with Godzilla, who is suddenly shrimpy.  It probably came straight from Toho like this, because there is another official still that is made like this (see below).

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Id0 said...

"Oops, that second diet drink!"
I'm guessing the can is small because it's a diet drink?

Wrapper- "Artificial favors" Ha.