Godzilla 1985 Promotional Mug (New World Video, 1985-6)

With all the bromide posting, I have neglected to cover some of the newer things I've added to my Godzilla collection.  This one is pretty unique; it's a promotional coffee mug given out by New World Video, when GODZILLA 1985 was released on home video.  Who knew?
Ironically, the Japanese version (usually called THE RETURN OF GODZILLA, but I believe it was simply GOJIRA in Japan) was just released in the USA by Kraken Media, making it the last hold-out from the original 28 Godzilla films to be released on DVD (we still have a few in the Blu-Ray department, if you're keeping up with that).  Apparently, we will never see the American version, GODZILLA 1985, on DVD, due to a multitude of rights issues...but it's out there, fan-made.  If you seek, you shall find.
A seller on Ebay had a small supply of these mugs, and although I was told mine was the best they had, it didn't turn out quite as nice as these photos...but, it's probably the only chance I'll ever have to find such a rare item, so what are you gonna do.  Go watch THE RETURN OF GODZILLA, that's what I'm gonna do!

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