Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 16, Godzilla's Revenge (1969)

Continuing our very long series on Godzilla bromides, I don't think this movie deserves all of the criticism that it often gets.  It's a delightful kids' film about fantasy and facing bullies.  Some of the following images are rather unusual, though!
Like this paste-up of Godzilla kicking a stiff Gabara over the horizon...!

Here's another promotional paste-up.  Points for Gorosaurus!

Another bizarre paste-up, with a beam coming out of Gabara's hand, and Angilas almost photo-bombing everyone.

Behind the scenes! Just barely, but there's the edge of the backdrop.

If you're not paying attention, your brain can interpret Minya as saying "OOOOOOOOO!"

Yeah, this is another weird one.

This one is just sort of badly composed.  Godzilla appears to be blasting the children!

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