Godzilla Color Bromide Set: Part 15, Destroy All Monsters (1968)

For this great film, 19 bromides were included, and we get several behind-the-scenes, or off-screen moments, making this group even cooler:

This card is even from a scene that was completely cut from the film! How's that for completeness?

An un-cropped photo from the scene where Godzilla first goes to New York.

A production photo of the Varan flying model.

Varan in the film, which is about all you see, and briefly at that.

The famous scene where Gorosaurus is referred to as "Baragon," which was recently made up for in the IDW comics, where they allowed Baragon to finally make it to Paris, and destroy the Arch!

I read somewhere (can't remember where) that this photo is actually of the Rodan suit falling on top of Angilas/Anguirus, and it really does look that way.

Production photo of whiskerless Manda!

On-set, uncropped photo of Godzilla attacking the aliens' base!

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