ESB Collector's Kit: Rebel Alliance Card Set (Dixie & Lipton, 1980)

Card #1 (front)
Here is an unusual card set that I knew nothing of until recent years.  In 1980, as a promotion for THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, two "Collector's Kits" were offered from both Dixie (American Can Company) and Lipton (Thomas J. Lipton, Inc.) together, available through a Sunday comics newspaper ad:

The kits included a poster and a 4-card set, and you had to specify whether you wanted the "Rebel Alliance Set" or "Empire Set." The 5x7" cards were referred to as "Action Photos" in the text, and are printed on glossy cardstock, like very thin posterboard.

Today, we look at the Rebel Alliance set, and to be honest, the images are pretty dull.  I know that Yoda was considered off-limits, but there isn't even a picture of Luke to be found, and Han is on three of the four cards!
Card #2 (front).  A poor photo choice when you only have 4 chances to excite a child about a new movie!
In fact, these "Action Photos" have no action at all, to speak of.  There is also no clue as to who the printer was; it always interests me to see vintage Star Wars card-type items that weren't made by Topps.
It should be noted that these two Collector's Kit sets have nothing to do with the Dixie Cup ESB "Story Card" strips.  Those cards were distributed in boxes of Dixie cups, and came a year later.

By the way, the Empire Set can be seen here, and it is a much more successful attempt!

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