Player's Strategy Guide to NES Games: Godzilla (1990 article)

This bi-monthly magazine (whose full title is GAME PLAYER'S STRATEGY GUIDE TO NINTENDO GAMES) was a competitor to NINTENDO POWER, and also offered reviews, strategy, maps, and game-playing tips.  In early 1990, they devoted a cover story to Toho's GODZILLA, MONSTER OF MONSTERS!
The thick, square-bound publication was hard to scan, and it took a couple of tries to keep parts of the page from being blurry, but here is the article in all its glory.  You will probably learn something, as I did...plus, I learned recently that this game is still really hard! Enjoy!
Like a lot of American Godzilla fans, this game was my introduction to Gezora.
Fun Factoid:  unused sprites were discovered in the code of this game for Baragon.  In a way, I'm glad he didn't make an appearance, because he would have been another boss, and I'm not sure I can take the stress of seeing he and Godzilla fight!

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Anonymous said...

Baragon actually is in the game as an enemy kaiju so those sprites are definitely used in the game.