Rally Round The Flag (Tupperware Flexi-Disc, 1974)

Here's a weird item, in a long list of weird items.  This was actually inside of another record that I bought, and I discovered it later.  It's a combination of mailer and flexi-disc, from Tupperware in 1974.  It was intended to be sent through the mail--to Tupperware members who hosted their own parties and sold wares--but luckily, this one wasn't.  (By the way, from the message enclosed, we learn that in the photo on the front, the giant American flag is actually made of 76,000 Tupperware bowls.  If I were the boss, I would express my congratulations by saying "Nice waste of two weeks there, people, now get back to work!!!")
The enclosed (and completely clear) flexi-disc contains a jovial, pre-Bicentennial theme song, as well as a message from the President (of Tupperware).
The lure of participating in 1975's promotion:  your very own set of "Pitcher-And-Cups-With-Flag."  They only gave you part of the set each week, much like today's "Build-A-Figure" promotions from action figure manufacturers.
Hang onto these lyrics, because after the message, you will be needing them!
The ONLY text on this clear Flexi-disc is "Mfd by Eva-Tone, Deerfield, Illinois." Eva-Tone were makers of many such Flexi-discs.
And of course, you have been waiting for the opportunity to actually hear this gem, because like me, you have questions.  How were sales were in 1974?  How did Tupperware in the USA stack up against the challenge levied by Tupperware in Africa and the Middle East? (Wait, they have Tupperware in those places?)  Will we be able to gear ourselves up for the swanky, new promotions in '75?

By the way, shouldn't that be "Rally 'Round the Flag," with an apostrophe, denoting how Tupperware realizes they have left out a letter, there?

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