Godzilla vs. Gigan ("Mission Apocalypse") Poster (France, 1972)

I am not really a collector of foreign Godzilla movie posters (I think I have one other, and a few lobby cards), but I have been obsessed with this particular poster for quite some time.  This is a 22" x 15" poster from France, from 1972, where GODZILLA VS. GIGAN was shown, under the much-more-dramatic title of "Objective Terror: Mission Apocalypse".  The dullness of the colors, the composition, and just overall style really speak to me.   

However, it's actually an artistic "paste-up;" a collage of sorts, where the artist borrowed (read here as stole, in the sense of "Immature poets borrow; mature poets steal" --T.S. Eliot) from several existing sources, resulting in a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts...or something like that, because all of the originals are wonderful as well. A quick look at these ingredients:

First, Godzilla came from the American poster for GODZILLA VS. THE THING, by Reynold Brown.  This picture is the original painting, with no text, which was printed once in a magazine.

Next, Gigan and Angilas (as well as inspiration for the flames and the road) came from this publicity photo, which was here used on a Japanese lobby card for GODZILLA VS. GIGAN.  

Lastly, King Ghidorah came from the international artwork for INVASION OF ASTRO-MONSTER, which is here shown in the half-sheet poster variety.  

Good stuff.  Now I just have to frame it...and find wall-space somewhere.  

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