Godzilla Action Stickers [Set C] (Imperial, 1985)

Here is the last of the four sets of Godzilla Action Stickers, made by Imperial in 1985.  On the back of the header card (pictured above) is an item number (#8931) followed by a letter (in this case, #8931-C), showing which of the four sets is in the package.
In set C, we have Godzilla blasting a ship, blasting electrical or radio towers (like in his first film), and surrounded by tanks (like in his first film).  My scan was a little shiny, so here is another view from an old Ebay photo:
It took years to track down all four, and amusingly, the stickers were apparently put on their backing card upside-down:
If you want to see scans of the other sets, they are here:
Godzilla Action Stickers - Set A
Godzilla Action Stickers - Set B
Godzilla Action Stickers - Set D


Nick Capace said...

Do you have the Imperial Godzilla figure box? It had similar art like the stickers. I've been after on for years.

RAR said...

The last one, with the tanks, is actually slightly different. Godilla is firing his beam in one of them.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Oh, different than the first film; I see what you mean. It just reminded me of that famous and very-used picture.