More Godzilla Puffy Stickers Discovered (1979, 3 Different)

It's always when you aren't looking for something, that you suddenly discover something new.  The world of Godzilla Puffy Stickers isn't very well-documented, which has become an unofficial mission of this blog.  Today we can add three more variations to that "world."

These are from the same unlisted manufacturer as ones we have looked at before, but a new assortment with different stickers and different header card artwork. This series ties in a little more prominently to the Hanna-Barbera animated show, although the main characters are nowhere to be found on the sticker sheets, as they were before.  (To see everything in a chronological line, see my side page called Vintage American Godzilla.)
The Item Number for this assortment (#1201) is different to any of the assortments with the artwork that we have seen before (such as the rack stickers, which were all #6000, including Godzilla AND the other properties that were licensed).  So, it's possible that this #1201 included other types of stickers, too.
One difference with these three is that they are all stamped on the back, to further remind you that they were MADE IN TAIWAN.  Another difference is, the first sets we looked at came with pre-printed prices (59 cents), while these leave blank spaces for stores to fill in their own.
This second set has identical artwork to the Puffy Keychain display we have looked at before (they have removed the chain through Godzilla's dorsal fin, thank goodness).  No surprise that the keychains are made from the same artwork as the stickers, and also don't list the anonymous manufacturer.
Key Chain Backing Card
The third set features a water-skiing Godzooky, as if that would motivate anyone to buy a product...if I'm honest, though, in the 1970's, this would have sold them, and if I'm being completely honest, the 6-year-old me would've wanted them.

So the question is, are there more variations to be found? I wouldn't be surprised...and if so, I will be buying them!

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