Marvel Granola Bars Made My Head Hurt...

Maybe you have seen MARVEL Granola Bars at your local store.  If you haven't, they come with a trading card on the back, which means insta-purchase around my house.  

But that's not why we are here.  Each wrapper has a character, and looks like this:
Below each character is a "factoid," which is all well and good.  Their website says things like "What is Spider-Man's favorite food?" and things like that, which, okay, I get it, kids involved.  No problem there...but mine said this:
Okay.  I guess I am a casual Hulk fan; he's always been around, and involved in many great comics, but he's not my thing, you know (however, my youngest is the biggest Hulk fan I have ever seen.  I even verified this lackadaisical factoid with him).  I just don't think I've ever heard anything about gills in all the comics I have read over the past decades.
I'm sure that Hulk has a huge, Hulk-sized pair of lungs, and, I'm also sure that he can stay underwater a long, long time, by my own standards (which is, personally, 0 seconds), but Great Ceasar's Ghost, I mean, Holy Snikkt, Marvel--or should I say, Con Agra Foods--let's not get carried away!!
I hate to belabor this point, as I've dwelt on it far too much over the weekend, but all I can continually picture in my own mind is this:
Or, to make a more company-relevant comparison:
I mean, that's just silly! Isn't it?

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