"Super Deformed Series" Vinyl Figures (West Kenji, Japan, 2003) - PART TWO

Here are the rest of the very interesting vinyl figures that I recently added to my collection, continuing from where we left off last time!

Godzilla 1962

This figure should have been a home run.  This Godzilla is a favorite design for many people, but it's probably my least favorite of the group! Let's take a look.

This figure was obviously bought at one of those "big box" stores...
The KING KONG vs GODZILLA suit is one of the most unique Godzilla suits.  Bulky and frog-like, he is much beloved.  However, something doesn't gel for me here in this representation.  

I've always said that the style of "Super Deformed" involves simplifying the design of the character, yet utilizing the exact, correct amount of detail:  neither more nor less than is required to get the idea across.  Japan is overflowing with folks who are masters at this, and I think that's what bothers me here:  maybe too much was crammed into this figure, and it doesn't work!
Compare him to the "1969" Godzilla we saw last time, to illustrate my point about the definition of "Super Deformed."


Gigan is one of those kaiju designs that has endeared itself to me more and more with each passing year.  He's a good example of a 70's monster done right.  

And, unlike our previous candidate, he translates well to this style, and is posed in an action stance.

This figure is a huge winner.  Someone you'd want to hug....if you wouldn't get bisected vertically while doing so.

I researched these vinyls after I received them, and read that they were pretty valuable...but I can't part with them, and I hope these two posts have shown you why!