GODZILLA: American VHS Chronology (1983-2002)

This list is under continual revision, and I welcome any corrections or additional information, which will be added to future editions. 

Why collect Godzilla VHS tapes?
Firstly, Godzilla VHS releases are a Godzilla collectible! But amazingly, many of these tapes contain alternate dubs, title cards, and other elements that are STILL not officially available at all on DVD or Blu-Ray.  It's sad but true! Also, some contain some pretty awesome artwork, and some are appealing for their lack of awesome artwork...
I've accounted for 177 on this list, and I still need a few rather dubious ones, which I'll gladly buy if you have (list here).
You can download a fancy PDF version of this guide at the bottom of the page!
1) Vestron, 1983 [1st official US release, SP, first legit Godzilla VHS?]
2) Vestron, 1988 (variant of #1)
3) Paramount, 1992 (original painting for cover)
4) GoodTimes, 1995
5) KOTM/Megalon "Collector Series" 2-pack - GoodTimes, 1996
6) KOTM/Megalon "Monster Two Pack" - GoodTimes, 1996 [side-loading box]
7) Simitar, 1998 (plain black box, sold standalone, in 3-pack, 5-pack)
8) Simitar, 1998 "Special Edition" greenish-black box
9) Simitar, 1998 ("dig remastered," colorful box)
10) Simitar, 1998 (Blockbuster version of #7, includes poster)
11) Classic Media, 2002 [last Godzilla VHS made?]

1) Video Treasures, 1989 (matte box, printed tape)
variant: 1990 (as #1, glossy box, label on tape)
both tapes feature rare print with GIGANTIS title card

1) GoodTimes, 1987
2) GoodTimes, 1998 (clamshell box)
3) GoodTimes, 1998 (release of above in standard box)

1) Paramount, 1989
2) Paramount, 1989 (rental variant, extra Paramount logo in lower-left, different text spacings)
3) Paramount, 1994 (original painting for cover)
4) Simitar, 1998 (plain black box, sold standalone, in 5-pack)
5) Simitar, 1998 (colorful box, SP)
6) Simitar, 1998 ("dig remastered," widescreen; sold standalone & in Widescreen 3-pack)
7) Simitar, 1998 (Blockbuster version of #4, includes poster)
Simitar prints feature "GODZILLA vs THE THING" title cards

1) Beech/Videoline, no date
2) Film Classics (VCII, dated as "1980")
3) Prism Entertainment, 1985 (unique clamshell)
4) Video Images ("A Video Yesteryear Recording"), 1987
5) Video Treasures, 1988 (matte box, label on tape)
variant: glossy box with printed tape [otherwise boxes identical]
6) Silver Screen Video, 1991 (triple-feature tape with MEGALON + non-Godzilla movie)
7) Anchor Bay, 1997 (sold standalone & in BIGGEST BATTLES box set)

1) Paramount, 1988 (1st US release; SP)
2) Paramount, 1988 (rental variant; Paramount logo and text differences)
3) Simitar, 1990 (original drawing for cover)
4) Paramount, 1994 (original painting for cover)
5) Simitar, 1998 (plain black box, sold standalone, in 5-pack)
6) Simitar, 1998 (colorful box, SP)
7) Simitar, 1998 ("dig remastered," widescreen; sold standalone & in Widescreen 3-pack)
8) Simitar, 1998 (Blockbuster version of #5, includes poster)

1) Beech (Videoline), no date
2) Neon Video (copy of Beech), 1988
3) Video Treasures, 1987 (label on tape)
variant: 1989 box, printed tape
4) GoodTimes, 1992
5) GoodTimes, 1997 (2-pack with MEGALON)
6) GoodTimes, 1998 (standard box)
7) MEGALON/SEA MONSTER - GoodTimes, 2001 (double-feature tape with MEGALON, clamshell)
8) Hollywood Home Theatre (date unknown? USA? bootleg?)
9) Hollywood Home Theatre (dated "1980")
tapes feature American (Titra) dub, unavailable on DVD

1) Video Treasures, 1987 (label on tape)
variant #1: 1989 box, printed tape (tape says 1988)
variant #2: no year on box, printed tape (tape says 1988)
2) Anchor Bay, 1997 (sold standalone & in BIGGEST BATTLES box set)
3) Videoline (date unknown? USA?)
4) Hollywood Home Theatre (dated "1980")
tapes feature American (Titra) dub, unavailable on DVD

1) ADV, 1998 (purple sky background)
variant: same box with white videocassette
2) ADV, 1998 (red sky background - Suncoast Video only?)
3) ADV, 1998 (red sky background - "Sample Copy For Promotional Use Only," white videocassette is stamped "DESTROY ALL MONSTERS - SCREENER")
tapes are letterboxed, and feature Toho's International dub of film

1) Simitar, 1990 (original drawing for cover)
2) Paramount, 1992 (original painting for cover)
3) Simitar, 1998 (plain black box, sold standalone, in 5-pack)
4) Simitar, 1998 (colorful box, SP)
5) Simitar, 1998 ("dig remastered," widescreen; sold standalone & in Widescreen 3-pack)
6) Simitar, 1998 (Blockbuster version of #4 with poster)

1) "Screener Tape" - Orion Home Video, 1989
2) Orion Home Video, 1989
3) Simitar, 1990 (original drawing for cover)
tapes feature American (AIP) dub, unavailable on DVD

1) New World Video, 1988
2) Starmaker, 1992 (rerelease of New World)
3) 2-pack with MECHAGODZILLA (light gray box) Starmaker, 1993
4) 2-pack with MECHAGODZILLA (black box) Starmaker, 1995
5) Anchor Bay, 1997 (sold standalone & in BIGGEST BATTLES box set)
[Honorable mention: Canadian tape, released by Family Tyme, contains "GODZILLA ON MONSTER ISLAND" title card]

the most bootlegged movie ever?
1) Crown Movie Classics (no date, lists "B&W")
2) GoodTimes, 1985 (movie poster cover)
3) Viking Entertainment, 1985 (cursive title, 1954 still used for art; front is blue, back is red: do not mistake for two different releases)
4) Vintage Video, 1985 (movie poster cover)
5) Star Classics, 1985 ("big box" with gatefold, gray; Mechagodzilla on front!)
6) Star Classics, 1985 (standard box, yellow; Mechagodzilla on front!)
7) Star Classics, 1985 (colorized 1954 still on cover)
8) Video Treasures, 1985?
9) Video Treasures, 1986 (WHITE titles; label says "MEGELON")
10) Video Treasures, 1986 (BLACK titles; different address on back)
11) MEGALON/THE SNOW CREATURE - GoodTimes, 1986 (double-feature tape)
12) United American Video Corporation (G vs Mothra art on cover) Box dated 1986, tape is dated 1988
13) Parade Video, 1987 ("Nightmares Series, Volume 4")
14) Troy Gold, 1988 (Tape says Burbank Video)
15) New Age Video, 1988
16) "Popcorn Classics" (New Age Video, 1988) included a packet of microwave popcorn
17) Congress Video, 1989 (with yet another 1954 cover)
18) Home Video Syndications, 1989 (dates movie as "1955")
19) Trans-Atlantic Video, 1990 ("Movie Favorites" in brown stripe)
20) Diamond Entertainment, 1991 ("Movie Favorites" in clear stripe)
21) Silver Screen Video, 1991 (triple-feature tape with GHIDRAH + non-Godzilla movie)
22) Alpha Video, 1993 (same as New Age Video)
23) Burbank Video, 1993 (reversed movie poster artwork)
24) Alpha Video, 1994 (movie poster w/ "Giant Against Giant")
25) UAV, 1994 (stylized art cover; sold standalone? & in 2-pack box with COSMIC)
26) MEGALON/GODZILLA 1985 - Starmaker, 1995 (2-pack set)
27) GoodTimes, 1996
28) MEGALON/KOTM - GoodTimes, 1996 ("Collector Series" 2-pack set)
29) MEGALON/KOTM - GoodTimes 1996 ("Monster Two Pack" side-loading box)
30) MEGALON/SEA MONSTER - GoodTimes, 1997 (2-pack set)
31) Anchor Bay, 1997 (also sold in one version of BIGGEST BATTLES box)
32) UAV, 1998 (painted cover, clamshell box)
33) Front Row Entertainment, 1998
34) UAV, 1998 (flames w/ "original live-action classic") sold standalone & in boxed set with MONSTERS IN THE MOVIES: GODZILLAMANIA
35) UAV, 1998 (painted cover as #30, standard box; sold standalone & in 2-pack box with COSMIC)
36) MEGALON/SEA MONSTER - GoodTimes, 2001 (double-feature tape, clamshell)

1) New World Video, 1988
2) UAV, 1988 (movie poster art over orange box)
3) Starmaker, 1992 (rerelease of New World)
4) GoodTimes, 1993 (original painting cover)*
5) 2-pack with GIGAN (light gray box) Starmaker, 1993
6) UAV, 1994 (stylized art cover; sold standalone & in 2-pack box with MEGALON)
7) Starmaker, 1995 (2-pack with GIGAN (black box)
8) Anchor Bay, 1997 (sold standalone & in BIGGEST BATTLES box set)
9) UAV, 1998 (painted cover, clamshell box)
10) UAV, 1998 (as #9, but standard box)
11)Brentwood Home Video, 1998 (2-pack box with KING OF ALL MONSTERS documentary)*
*these releases feature original "COSMIC MONSTER" title card and print

1) Paramount, 1989 (International poster art for cover)
2) Paramount, 1989 (rental variant; Paramount logo and text differences)
2) Paramount, 1992 (original painting for cover)
3) Simitar, 1998 (plain black box, sold standalone, in 3-pack, 5-pack)
4) Simitar, 1998 ("dig remastered," colorful box, SP)
5) Simitar, 1998 (Blockbuster version of #4 with poster)

1) New World Video, 1986 (SP; no barcode)
2) New World Video, 1986 (variant with barcode)
2) Starmaker, 1992 (re-release of New World)
3) MEGALON/GODZILLA 1985 - Starmaker, 1996 (2-pack set)
4) Anchor Bay, 1997 (sold standalone & in BIGGEST BATTLES box set)
all tapes feature American version of film, which is unavailable on DVD

1) HBO Video "Screener," 10/12/92
2) HBO Video, 1992 (SP)

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1998
2) Revision of above with "GHIDORAH" (1998; note that spelling is corrected everywhere on the box, but the tape label is unchanged!)

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1998

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1998

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1999

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1999

1) VDI Multimedia, dated 8/23/00; time-coded demo
2) Columbia/TriStar, 2000 (promotional copy with blank space on back for Order & Street Dates)
3) Columbia/TriStar, 2000 (embossed cover)

BOXED SETS (included tapes are mentioned individually above):

GODZILLA "BIGGEST BATTLES" BOX SET (Anchor Bay, 1997) Two versions made:
Godzilla vs. Gigan
Godzilla 1985
Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
Son of Godzilla
Godzilla vs. Megalon
Godzilla vs. Gigan
Godzilla 1985
Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla
spines of videos form a "mural," here are all 6 together!

Includes 5 sealed SP tapes, shrinkwrapped together in a brick. No box.

King of the Monsters
Godzilla vs. Mothra (The Thing)
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero
Godzilla's Revenge
Terror of Mechagodzilla
tapes are "black box" EP-speed versions, which were also sold separately

Blockbuster version of boxed set, included poster

GODZILLA "3 TAPE SET" (Simitar, 1998)
King of the Monsters
Terror of Mechagodzilla
Godzilla Trailers & Sci-Fi Monsters
tapes are "black box" EP-speed versions, which were also sold separately

Godzilla vs. Mothra (The Thing)
Godzilla vs. Monster Zero
Godzilla's Revenge
Digitally Remastered and SP speed; tapes also sold separately

Godzilla vs. Megalon
Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster
included here because of discrepancy:  box dated 1997, shows contents as 1994 "stylized" artwork versions; my box contained the tapes with their 1998 painted artwork versions!

GODZILLA "SPECIAL EDITON COLLECTOR'S SET" (Gemstone Entertainment, 1998)
Godzilla vs. Megalon (UAV, 1998 "Flames")
Monsters In the Movies: Godzillamania (Gemstone Entertainment, regular box, 1998)
Tapes also sold separately.

1) THE FIRE BIRD (Kids Klassics, 1987) Hanna-Barbera animated series
2) BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA & OTHER WEIRD CARTOONS (Rhino Video, 1987; tape dated 1989)
3) WEIRD CARTOONS: THE SPECIAL EDITION (Rhino Video, 1987; "Bambi Meets Godzilla" cover)
4) INVASION EARTH (New World Video, 1987; SP)
5) HOLLYWOOD DINOSAUR CHRONICLES (Rhino, 1990; 1987 program)
6) HOLLYWOOD DINOSAURS (Video Treasures, 1991)
7) INVASION EARTH (Starmaker, 1991)
9) HOLLYWOOD'S DINOSAURS (Marathon, 1995, rerelease of Video Treasures)
10) GODZILLA and OTHER MOVIE MONSTERS (Passport Video, 1998; 2 tapes in double box)
11) MONSTERS IN THE MOVIES: GODZILLAMANIA (Gemstone Entertainment, 1998) regular box (sold standalone & in boxed set with UAV 1998 "Flames" MEGALON)
12) MONSTERS IN THE MOVIES: GODZILLAMANIA (clamshell box version of above, 1998)
13) GODZILLA TRAILERS & SCI-FI MONSTERS (Simitar, 1998; sold standalone and in 3-pack box set)
14) GODZILLA vs THE COSMIC MONSTER/KING OF ALL MONSTERS (Brentwood Home Video, 1998; 2-pack)
15) FANTASTIC DINOSAURS OF THE MOVIES (GoodTimes, 2000 reissue as part of 5-pack box set called DINOSAURS)

1) Vestron, 1983 (1st release, SP)
2) Video Treasures, 1988
3) Paramount, 1992 (original painting for cover)

1) Star Classics, 1989 (artwork from color production stills)
2) VCI, 1989 (clamshell case)
tapes contain the American (RKO) dub, unavailable on DVD
1) VCI, 1990
2) VCI, 1994
tapes contain the American version of the film, unavailable on official DVD

1) RCA/Columbia, 1983 (tape says 1988)
2) RCA/Columbia, 1986 (Hi-Fi VHS version, side-opening box)
3) GoodTimes, 1988 (crude cartoon cover)
4) GoodTimes, 1988 (red title)
5) Columbia/TriStar, 1993 (green title)

GORATH (listed here for Magma)
1) Congress Video, 1985
2) Video Gems, 1985 ("big box," foil)
3) Prism, 1986 (side-opening box)
tapes apparently contain the 1967 American TV edit of the film

1) Paramount, 1992 (original painting for cover)

1) Trans-Atlantic Video, 1987
2) Diamond Entertainment, 1991
2) Vintage Video, 1988 ("Grampa [Munster] Presents")
3) Gee Video (unknown, date unknown? USA? bootleg?)
tapes apparently contain the American (AIP) dub, unavailable on DVD

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1998

1) Columbia/TriStar, 1998


1) Rhino, 1990
2) Englewood Home Video, 1998
Note:  Although the American version of this film is the only version ever to be released on home video-- probably anywhere in the world—it has never had a subsequent release since these tapes!

RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video, 1988

1) Congress Video, 1985
2) Video Gems, 1985 ("big box," foil)
3) Prism, 1986

Information on any Beta tapes whatsoever is very hard to find at all, but here are the existing Beta releases that I know of (this information is included in the PDF download below):

2) GODZILLA vs. MOTHRA (Paramount, 1983)
3) GODZILLA vs. MONSTER ZERO (Paramount, 1983)
4) GODZILLA vs. MEGALON (Crown Movie Classics, 198?)
5) TERROR OF MECHAGODZILLA (Paramount, 1983)
6) GODZILLA 1985 (New World Video, 1985)
7) RODAN (Vestron, 1983)
8) THE HUMAN VAPOR (Video Gems, 1985)
9) GORATH (Video Gems, 1985)

A free downloadable PDF version of this list is available HERE (this project has gotten so big, it's split into two books):

Please send me any corrections/additions/clarifications, and enjoy!


The Nivekian Konsolate said...

I have an odd question... Of the Godzilla vs Megalon tapes, which one has a yellow top?

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

What I WANT to say is the Star Classics 1985 edition in the bright yellow box (that has Mechagodzilla on the front!), but I just bought one of those, and it came in the mail the other day with no top at all...this was a thing that super-cheap VHS companies did, especially early on, but I found it puzzling. Of course, it's entirely possible that it was available both ways.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I looked at the Star Classics Megalon again last night, and it's definitely supposed to be like that--the notches for your thumb (the ones that are usually at the bottom of the spine on VHS tapes) are at the TOP...very weird.
So now my official guess for which Godzilla VHS has a yellow top is the Paramount 1994 MONSTER ZERO; it has a yellow top!

The Nivekian Konsolate said...

Much thanks for your reply. Most of my tapes are in storage and I only have pics of their tops. I will be able to get to them at the end of the month and verify your guess. Also, I will see if I have any that you are missing from this page.


You forgot Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla(1974) Anchor Bay release and the Godzilla vs Megalon(1973) Anchor Bay release is on the Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla (1975) Slide but thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!! But also Are you preaty sure this is all of the VHS releases?

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Thank you for pointing that out--I somehow had the Anchor Bay MEGALON in the MECHAGODZILLA slot--I have corrected this.

This is all that I know of, after several years of research...however, I should point out that just last week, I discovered the 2000 re-issue of FANTASTIC DINOSAURS OF THE MOVIES, with a Godzilla cover, that was only available in a 5-pack called DINOSAURS, which I added to this list. There could always be a couple more out there, but hopefully with feedback from readers like you, this list will be complete.

Also, at the bottom of the page is a link to download a much better-looking version of this guide, in PDF format!

Anonymous said...

Anchor Bay released two versions of their Godzilla set. One had Son of Godzilla and the other had Megalon. I've owned the Megalon variant for several years while a close friend owns the SOG version. Besides listing the unique movie in either version and the way the tapes are organized, the boxes are identical.

Anchor Bay's Canadian distributor, HGV, apparently couldn't get the rights to Ghidrah up north so they substituted Sea Monster. The box art is in the same Anchor Bay style (only with HGV information on the reverse) and the image of Ebirah is culled from the earlier Video Treasures release.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Fascinating--thank you for your post. I've been paying more attention, and I'm actually seeing more of the MEGALON boxed sets on Ebay than the SON OF GODZILLA ones. It's interesting that the "mural" just shifts to the right or left, depending on which edition, but of course the opposite side's artwork has to be different too, to show the tape boxes. Thanks for turning me on to this variation! I'll include it in the above list.

Anonymous said...

Where is Godzilla 1998 at? Out of curiosity

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

It's in every thrift store and Goodwill that I've ever walked into!
Seriously, I left it out. Maybe time has been kind to that film, maybe not, but I've never seen it. I'm concentrating on only Toho films for this list!
Also, several updates are coming up--I keep finding more variations I didn't know about!

Unknown said...

I would just like to thank you for putting together this page.
I am on the home stretch of my Kaiju DVD collection and have just begun my Godzilla VHS collection within the last month!
This is a very helpful checklist for me and I appreciated your Goodwill Godzilla 1998 comment! Keep on!

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Unknown: Thank you for your comments! I am very glad that it's helpful to you! That is my desire for all of this blog! I am going to add some new variants that I've found, and update the downloadable guide very soon!

Anonymous said...

Have you found out yet if that one Sea Monster tape is a boot or not? Same for the last tape for SoG?


Same here I've got all but about 5 Godzilla discs and I'm about half way done with my VHS collection.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Anon: I do believe the Sea Monster tape is a boot; it's the only one I've ever seen in all my years of Ebay. It really should probably be removed, or separated!

The last Son of Godzilla tape is real--it's the Videoline (Beech) one, which appears to have perhaps been regional in their distribution, because they never come up. What's more, I found a direct copy of Videoline's GODZILLA vs SEA MONSTER where they only changed the logo (to Neon Video)...so what if they copied all of the Videoline tapes? That's bad.


When will this "update" be? I'm starting to collect the VHSs with a passion and I want to make sure i can get all of them. As of right now I'm missing 66 VHS tapes but if there is no then I can't wait.


Sorry that should say "if there is more then I can't wait"

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

After much delay, the page (and PDF guide) have been updated....and then updated again, to version 2.1, as I recently discovered a new video (Video Image's Ghidrah from 1987). Enjoy!

The Nivekian Konsolate said...

Just wanted to share a link to the filmogs database's godzilla VHS page. Nowhere near as much information as found here, but one could keep an eye on ii in case something pops up.

PS this is the tape I had in storage; https://films.discogs.com/release/401995-godzilla-vs-megalon

Scott Andrew Hutchins said...

The Congress Video Gorath is in black and white. I rented it and returned it because the cover falsely said that it's in color.

Scott Andrew Hutchins said...

There is a New Agwe Video Popcorn Classics release of Godzilla vs. Megalon. When I can get it out of storage, maybe I'll remember to scan it for you. The title runs off the sides, unlike the Goodtimes version, but the print seems cleaner and brighter. The membranes under Megalon's wings look wetter and more organic.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

@Scott Andrew Hutchins:
Thanks for the comments--I desperately need to update this page, and I'll add your info when I do. I sincerely want to see this MEGALON edition that you mention! I'd love to see photos of the front and back. I've recently discovered one by New Age Video that looks identical to the 1993 Alpha Video release (blue with a filmstrip cover) that I need to add to this page. But from your description, it sounds like yours uses the movie poster art?

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a version of the GoodTimes Mothra with the red title having a version where there was a red border on the tape and I think the credits were on the front of the box? I may be wrong.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Anonymous--you are a genius, and your memory is excellent.
Not only does the Mothra tape with the red border exist, but I have one on the way, and I'll get it added to the list.

It turns out, it's the original Columbia issue, which makes sense because THE H-MAN has the similar style. More info soon. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

i tried to get the PDF so I can print it out but it's not giving me access. Is it not publicly available anymore?

Unknown said...

I have the Cabadian Godzilla on Monster Island tape . It's a bit if a Scam really , the cover says Rare Widescreen version but it's just a fullscreen version with blackbars added , so your'e actually seeing even less than a regular fullscreen version.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

@Unknown--thanks for the info! When it pops up it goes for a hundred bucks, so that's very disappointing. It certainly gives the impression of being the widescreen American version. Tell me, are the title cards correct? I'd like to add some info to the PDF guide. Thanks again!

By the way, I had someone say the guide wasn't accessible, but it's there and working. If anyone else has difficulty, let me know!

jrodkey said...

I just purchased a copy of Ghidrah, the Three-Headed Monster on Ebay with a very generic unrelated cover that was release by Foothill Video. I did some digging and found they pretty much used the same cover on all releases, at least the early versions of their releases. I'll be very curious to give this one a watch once I receive it.

Sampoerna Quatrain said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sampoerna Quatrain said...

@jrodkey: I saw that too! I wasn't sure whether to add it to the list or not. (Foothill appears to have been one of those unofficial companies like Video Yesteryear--however some of that product did make it into retail stores.) I would be interested in knowing some details about the print when you get to watch it!

Unknown said...

I have a version of Destroy All Monsters on ADV with a red background instead of purple, which contains the same tape and is otherwise identical to the more common purple one. I've never seen another - do you know anything about this?

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

@Unknown - I haven't seen one like that. I know this probably sounds obvious, but are the other colors on the cover the exact same? It's not faded from sunlight, in other words? I have seen some misunderstandings from stuff like that over the years. I'd love to see a scan so we could compare. If it were a promo of some kind, it should say so, somewhere on the box and/or tape.

Unknown said...

Sent to your email address.

Daniel DiManna said...

Hey there!

First off, I love this page! It’s been a hugely invaluable resource as I’ve built up my own kaiju VHS collection. Your hard work is incredibly appreciated!

Second, I stumbled across what looks like a European VHS release of the first two Hanna-Barbera Godzilla episodes on Amazon Japan. I didn’t see it in your list above , so I figured you’d want to know it existed (if you didn’t already)!

Here’s the link:

Sampoerna Quatrain said...

Hi Daniel--I'm really glad to know this page has been a helpful resource for you! I don't really keep up with tapes that are outside of US release, but I am certainly always interested in seeing them, so thank you. That said, I saw a British GHIDRAH tape the other day that has to be the worst kaiju VHS artwork and presentation that I've ever seen. I need to do a post on it just for that reason!

MechaJoshZilla said...


Thanks so much for posting this guide! It’s been very helpful with discovering different Godzilla VHS releases.

I’ve been looking into the Simitar 5 Rampaging Movies boxset. So, the “colorful” covers were released in SP, while the black box covers were released in EP. I know it stands for “standard” and “extended”, but what’s the real difference? Is it quality? Or was one version more standard for US releases? Which one came first, and why the change? Basically, I’m just trying to figure out the best option to go with! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Sampoerna Quatrain said...

I'm glad this page has been helpful to you! To answer your question, there were actually 3 speeds back in the day, SLP (also known as EP), LP, and SP. It was rare to see a film released in the middle speed, but the other two were common. It came down to quality, with SP being the higher quality, and usually costing more. The EP speed became more of a "budget" price (and sometimes sold in different, "bargain" stores). All of Simitar's releases we are discussing came out simultaneously as far as I know, because they were capitalizing on the American 1998 film. Hope that helps!

MechaJoshZilla said...

It does, very much! Thank you!