Children's Godzilla Mask (unknown!)

Here is a plastic Godzilla mask that I am afraid I can't tell you much about, other than it's official! I bought it from a woman who collects vintage Japanese toys, and she had no further data, besides that it's charming and in unused condition!


GODZILLA Large Puffy Stickers Store Display (Item #895, 1979)

Here is another variety of Godzilla Puffy Stickers (you can see a store display for the packaged versions of these "Large" stickers in this post).  This is an odd-sized store display, measuring 10.25 x 21.5 inches, and was intended to hang on the wall of a drugstore or dime store, allowing the customer to purchase one large puffy sticker at a time.  There are 36 stickers stapled onto the cardboard background, which is divided into a grid with blue lines.

Header Card Artwork
There aren't many designs in this series of stickers:  there are the four main characters, four Godzillas (as it should be), only one Godzooky (as it should be), the "Bathe Sphere," an Allosaurus, and a "Glump" (Stegosaurus), making 12 in all.  Note that the "Bathe Sphere" is the rarity in this display, but there was no rhyme or reason to their distribution, from other displays that I have seen.

A closer look at the stickers.  Each one is bagged in a little sleeve.

I doubt that I've tracked down all the variations of Godzilla Puffy Stickers yet, but I must be getting close, at least!