Godzilla "Are You A Friend?" Pinback Button (Banning Enterprises, 1985)


There are still vintage American Godzilla items out there to be discovered, and here is my latest discovery!

This is a large "pinback" button that measures three and a half inches across.  It was made by Banning Enterprises (who also produced a unique licensed poster that year) in 1985, and has a solid metal back.

It will be interesting to see if any further items from Banning Enterprises turn up; it wouldn't surprise me at all if there were more out there, especially considering the [normal-sized compared to today] merchandise push for GODZILLA 1985.  Here is a higher-resolution scan of the artwork!

12/13/2021 UPDATE: There I was, reading my own post from 2018, about the Banning Ent. poster mentioned above, and there it was:  a flyer allowing you to join the Godzilla Fan Club, which, in doing so, promised you would receive newsletters and.....a limited-edition button! Is this mystery solved? I am betting that the above pinback is the very same one!


Happy 67th Birthday Godzilla! SUITMATION RETURNS!

Today is Godzilla's 67th birthday, and as you know, this year marks the 50th anniversary of GODZILLA vs. HEDORAH/SMOG MONSTER.  Of course, this isn't a news blog; there are better places you can go for that, BUT...you need to know that Toho has made a short film that released today on YouTube, featuring a rematch of FINAL WARS Godzilla and Hedorah! This exciting film was made "old-school," with suits and miniatures, and it's lots of fun.  Yes, FUN! And isn't that what's missing today?

I'm sure more information will come out about the making of this film, because there is already an outpouring of love and excitement.  Will it launch a new wave of films with a vintage-style heart and soul to them? If only!

I don't like to use the words "the old-fashioned way," to describe this, because to me, it's just "The Way."

Don't miss this.  You will be glad you did.

Little did I know, but yesterday this behind-the-scenes video was released.  It gives you a good look (in 36 seconds) at the amazing miniature set!