Star Wars Jigsaw Puzzles (Kenner, 1977)

Here are some selected Star Wars jigsaw puzzles from my collection.  These are all the ones that my daughter and I have worked so far, to verify they are complete!
Most people know that the only SW items that Kenner could get together quickly were paper products, because nobody was prepared for the huge success of the film.  These "blue box" versions were the very first editions of the puzzles (purple for the 500-piece puzzles).
When the boxes changed, each puzzle belonged to a series.  This is "Han and Chewbacca" from Series I.
Series I, "Artoo-Deeto & See-Threepio"
Series II, "Trapped in the Trash Compactor!"
Series IV, The Bantha, which is actually printed on the box as "The Banta"!
Series III, "Luke Skywalker Meets R2-D2!" Unfortunately, this puzzle was missing ONE PIECE.
 Here are a couple of 500-piece puzzles that we haven't braved yet:
Series III, "Victory Celebration!"
Series I, "Space Battle"